Boat launch and a spot of fishing

So on our second attempt of trying we managed Launched the boat! The weekend previous we realized everything we left in a safe secure place last year was so secure we didn’t know where it was :(. So a bit of online shopping and a trip to the chandlers Busselss in Weymouth we managed to acquire a new boat plug, new engine lock, new ignition cable, new fishing net and new bit if chain and shackles to do the mooring.

fishing ringstead dorset
sunny day fishing at Ringstead on the boat

Once we got the boat out and the mooring set up we decided to drop the net Friday night to see what we could catch. I do love fishing from the boat you get such lovely views from the water.

Fish we caught

So the next morning this was our catch 2 bass 2 mackrell and an unknown possibly pollock


un known fish
Not sure on the fishes name



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