Fossil Hunting

The nature of the Dorset coast line makes it a fossil hunter’s paradise with fossil hunters from around the world coming to Dorset to discover the past’s hidden treasures.

Many famous and important fossils have been discovered such as the Weymouth Bay Pliosaur. The fossilised skull of the largest marine reptile to have ever lived was found right on our doorstep and is now on permanent display at the Dorset County Museum.

Follow in the footsteps of Mary Anning, a world renowned fossil collector, dealer and palaeontologist who lived and worked at Lyme Regis. Join a guided fossil hunting walk and see what you discover. Fossil tours are run throughout the year by Lyme Regis Museum and the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre.

If you are thinking of fossil hunting on your own please follow the Fossil Code and take extreme caution as the cliffs of Dorset can become unstable resulting in landslides and rock falls.

ringstead beach fossel

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